Monday, August 12, 2013

Digital Signage - The Future of Advertising Technology

Digital signage is new and experimental way to reach people when they are outside of their homes. Usually, this kind of advertisement consists of colorful banners, videos with or without audio and simple text messages that are displayed on electronic screens, displaying different advertisements at different times toward target audiences. Although Digital signage does initially cost more than the traditional television, radio, or old fashioned word of mouth advertising, it has been proven to have a greater return on the original investment. A firm could also choose to use more Dynamic digital signage which includes high definition resolution, 3D environments, and impressive audio tools to heighten the quality of ads. These signs are more effective because they are flashy and can grab people's attention easily from across a crowded mall.
Many companies are now trying to develop digital signage software to keep up with the changing advertising world. The goal is to create cutting edge software that will attract broader audiences for whatever products or information a firm is trying to promote.
Plasma screens and LCD displays are used right now in order to do a variety of things. They can easily broadcast information, link advertising of third party companies that are affiliated with a certain company, enhance a customer's experience at a certain store or restaurant. Many restaurants now are using digital signage in order to reduce wait times by displaying menu demonstrations in order to allow people more time to decide before they order. It can also influence the behavior of a customer by displaying commands. The post office has adopted this type of signage because it easily directs a person toward automated stamp and mailing machines which shortens the line for other customers. Nike now uses video advertising in their stores as well in order to provide and build back story for their brand.
But the Digital signage solution still has many issues that are making firms hesitant to switch to it. For one, the initial investment would be staggering for large restaurants like McDonald's or any other chain restaurant. Since it's relatively new, it hasn't been widely accepted by advertisers to be, hands down, better than television or newspaper ads. Plus, the technology required to run these screens are rather complicated, making it more likely for things to break, causing down-time.
Digital signage is a revolutionary technique in advertising that will eventually take over traditional ways after it becomes more readily available at a reasonable cost. Look out consumers.

Five Motivations For Getting a Wealth Education

Getting an education is an important part of life. It is so important that the government requires everyone to go through at least the primary and secondary levels of school. The idea behind getting an education is to equip a person for the life that he or she would be leading afterwards.
Unfortunately, conventional education assumes that people would be pursuing jobs after graduation, jobs that they would work on until they reach the age of retirement. But that kind of way of living can make people miss out on the finer things that life can bring.
Getting a wealth education, however, teaches us that there is a different way of living our lives, different from the way conventional education would have us live it.
Why We Should Get A Wealth Education
The whole point of getting a wealth education is to learn how to develop passive income. Passive income is money we can earn from doing a kind of work only once and then enjoy the benefits from it for a long time to come.
Passive income works just like royalty fees. A songwriter will earn from a song he or she made whenever it gets covered or aired publicly. A novelist will earn from a book he or she wrote every time someone buys a copy. A movie producer will earn from a movie he or she did with every copy of it sold.
The pursuit of wealth alone may not be appealing to a number of people, but we can always think of things that we can enjoy from getting a financial education. The five benefits we can get from acquiring wealth education may be more than enough to motivate us into actually taking it. What are these five benefits?
1. Retiring early. Once we have mastered wealth creation education, we can retire as early as we want. The age of 65, which is the usual retirement age, is too late for people to start enjoying their lives.
2. Addressing unforeseen emergencies. Life is never smooth-sailing, and there could be mishaps along the way, like accidents or sudden medical emergencies. It costs money to be able to respond to such. Having disposable passive income can empower us to deal with them more appropriately.
3. Handling foreseen expenses. There will be events and occurrences in our lives that we know would happen and we know we need to be prepared for, such as sending our children to college or giving them enough to start lives of their own. With disposable passive income that this kind of education can help us earn, we do not have to worry about such things.
4. Having lifestyle we want. It takes money to live our lives in style. It is not about having a big house, fancy cars, traveling or anything material. It is about the life that comes with having all those things.
5. Living our lives to the fullest. Many people identify with the jobs they have, rather than the lives they lead. But who says a computer programmer cannot be a graphic artist, or a lawyer cannot pursue singing? With the money that wealth education can help us earn, we can be the most that we can be. We can be an asset to society by giving back of what we have and make this world a better place to live in.